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As a value to our customers, we may include the legal services we are able to provide and the appropriate fee for each service.

We recently closed our downtown office and started working at our home office. By cutting the cost of operating downtown office, we can offer more affordable rates for our cliests.

Here are fees for some of our standard services:

Workers compensation:  $210.00/hourly.  These fees are regulated by the Department of Labor, State of Hawaii.  No attorney in Hawaii may charge you a fee unless it is approved by the Department of Labor.  It is illegal to charge more than allowed.  This is not a percentage fee and is based upon the time in your case.  No retainers are allowed or accepted. (This is only for the existing Workers Compensation clients.  We no longer take new Workrs Compensation Cases.)

Hourly Rate: $220.00

Basic Wills: $200.00

Trust:  $800.00 + $150 (for deed & tax) + recording fees **Includes a Short Form Trust.

"Trust & Will" combo:  $950.00 +$150 (for deed & tax) + recording fees **Includes a Short Form Trust

Personal Consultations: Free if they will likely lead to our further working together.

All fees are plus tax.

For specific cases or inquiries, please contact us so we can provide a fee quotation.

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