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Our Law Office  specializes in several areas of law and has experience in doing most areas of law during the past 35 years of work as an attorney.

We recently closed our downtown office and started working at our home office.  By cutting the costs of operating downtown office, we can offer more affordable rates for our cliests.

Do you know what will happen to your assets if you die without a Trust?  As you know, in order to Protect your asset from going through the probate process, you should have a living trust, or other method to avoid probate.   Many people, however, do not know that a living trust will only protect your assets which are transferred to the Trustee of your Trust (normally YOU).  We offer you a special deal for this simple "Trust & Will " package.   Just call us and see we can assist you with this special deal. 

We will no longer take new workers compensation cases.  We will take care of the existing workers compensation cases, and will stil take new probate cases, Wills, Trusts, Deeds and other cases.  Charles Gerdes has been helping the people in the community with wide range of legal issues since he moved in to Hawaii after graduating Law School in Idaho.  This is a home for him and he loves assisting people here in Hawaii.   
Please call us if you need legal assistnces.  He will take care of you and your family, or he will refer you to the appropriate lawyers if your case is beyond his expertise.
Japanese translation is available.  Our paralegal is fluent in Japanese and English both spoken and written

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